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Key Activities
Consumer Understanding

Japanese Home Laundry Habits and Practices

JSDA has conducted the consumer survey of laundry habits and practices every five years since1991 and has accumulated it’s data in Japanese house hold, such as type of detergents, dosage of detergent, washing machine, frequency of washing and so on.

These results are shared with member companies of JSDA in order to understand consumer deeply, then these data have been utilized for product developments and marketing of household products.

Key Findings in 2020 Consumer Survey

Washing Machine

  • Capacity: Increasing
    7.4kg (2010) ⇒ 8.0Kg (2015) ⇒ 8.7kg (2020)
  • Function:
    Automatic dosing, Smartphone remote control

Washing Habits and Practices

  • Single rinse cycle:
    Rate of user 15% (2010) ⇒ 35% (2015) ⇒ 43% (2020)
  • Frequency of washing:
    9.2times/w (2010) ⇒ 8.2times/w (2015) ⇒ 7.5times/w (2020)
  • Softener: Rate of user who uses softener in each washing
    62% (2010) ⇒ 77% (2015) ⇒ 75% (2020)

Change in Laundry Detergents for Daily Use

  • Detergent: Powder ⇒ Liquid (including Ultra Compact Liquid)