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About JSDA


JSDA consists of manufacturers of soap and detergent as well as oil and fat.


To form a fair industry opinion on topics required for the healthy development of the fat-derived chemicals industry and detergent industry, strive for its realization, and in doing so contribute to increased stability of people's lives.


1950, Tokyo


21 member companies and 45 associate companies. Member companies cover more than 90% of market share in cleaning products in Japan.

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JSDA is organized as three category committees on detergents, soaps and oils and fats and eight standing committees. (See attached chart)

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Role of JSDA

  • Support sustainable industrial activities related to fat-derived chemicals, soaps, and detergents
  • Form a fair industry opinion and submit it as needed
  • Strive to improve the lives of consumers and provide accurate and appropriate information
  • Share Japanese information, technology, and labeling overseas and improve hygiene, environment, and safety


  • Finished cleaning products for consumers
    • Laundry detergent and soap, hard surface cleaners, hand/body soap
  • Fatty acid and glycerin