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Key Activities
Clean Campaign

Communication & Consumer Education

Hand washing is a fundamental practice to help prevent the spread of infectious diseases. Ever since our foundation, JSDA has been conducting a hand washing educational program among young children to let children keep hand washing a habit. The key activities of the program are
1) Hand washing poster contest
2) School-based hand washing promotion

Hand washing educational programs

The programs till 2007 included; 1) "Earth Spick-and-Span Award" for the environmental beautification activity which was given to groups led mainly by elementary school children, and 2) "Hand Wash Sticker Design Award" which was to collect designs from various elementary schools and distribute stickers with winning designs back to elementary schools in the country. These programs were concluded in 2008, and a new program, "Hand Washing Poster Contest", began 2009 for children in the elementary school or under.

Classroom training and seminar

JSDA is conducting several outreach programs every year. Major programs are Classroom training in elementally schools on hand washing, and Seminar for consumers on effective laundry washing methods. The programs are positively accepted and our efforts were appreciated.

Classroom training and seminar