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Product Safety

Voluntary Standard for Use and Applications of Product Safety Icons

The Japan Soap and Detergent Association engages in various activities with the aim of preventing accidents related to the handling of consumer products, including accidental ingestion or contact with the skin and eyes, which may lead to serious problems.

As a result, the Association has developed product safety icons (10 types) that are easier for consumers to understand, helping consumers pay attention to what is important

Safe Use Icons

Developed 10 safe use icons to help consumers using our products more appropriately and more safely.

Safe Use Icon Sample
Safe Use Icon Sample

We have established voluntary standards (guidelines) on the use and application of these icons.

Going forward, the Association will apply these product safety icons to household product labels based on the standards defined in these guidelines as well as written explanations to draw consumers' attention starting from 2018. We will also conduct awareness-raising activities to deepen consumers' understandings of these icons with the aim of preventing accidents related to product handling.

In addition, the Association also hopes to find domestic and overseas associations that agree with these standards to widen our network of cooperation and collaboration.