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Noveember 2009

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November 16, 2009

Execution of GHS-based Product Labeling of Household Cleaning Products such as Soap and Detergents

   Toward voluntary introduction of GHS (see note below) into household cleaning products such as soap and detergents, Japan Soap & Detergent Association (JSDA) had been working on the technical guidance development and its penetration into the industry by holding technical meetings and such. Recently, the first edition of the guidance was completed, and JSDA decided to introduce new labeling based on the GHS guidance (hereafter, abbreviated as GHS labeling) one by one to products in the product categories shown below from January, 2011, in cooperation with the related industry groups (Japan Soap & Detergent Co-operative Association and Japan Acid and Alkaline Household Cleaner Association).

* Hand Dishwashing Detergent:
   This product was selected, because generally it is frequently used at a majority of households and thus has a greater chance that the consumer would see its label.

* Chlorine Bleach, Cleaner with Chlorine & Cleaner with Acid:
   These products currently have a label expressing "Do Not Mix ? Dangerous!" and were selected as a product that should be carefully used.

   JSDA plans first to deploy the GHS labeling to selected product categories and evaluate the spread and acceptance of the GHS labeling to the consumer in order to determine what the ideal way of the information display ought to be.
   JSDA will continue to work further as an industry association so that consumers can use the product appropriately.

Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals:
   Chemical substances are produced all over the world and used for various products. However, the standard and labeling to classify the danger level and hazardous property of the chemical are different from country to country. GHS was then adopted as a common global rule in the United Nations in July, 2003.

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