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September 2015



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The 10th Asia Oceania Soap and DetergentAssociation ConferenceOctober 16th, 2015Tokyo, Japan“Sustainable Growth in Asia and Oceania


Final Circular

It is our pleasure to cordially invite you to “The 10th Asia Oceania Soap and Detergent Association Conference (AOSDAC 2015)" to be held in the center of Tokyo on 16th October, 2015.

AOSDAC is a conference of industry associations engaged in production and sale of soap and detergent in Asia and Oceania. AOSDAC shall serve to promote information sharing and exchange among the associations, contributing to consumer's prosperity and development of the industry through improvement in the cleanliness and sanitation for both consumers and the environment in the region. Participants shall have periodic information exchange including but not limited to the latest technological trends in soap and detergent, regulatory systems for commercializing soap and detergent products in Asia and Oceania market countries of area.

JSDA is pleased to host the 10th anniversary AOSDAC. We look forward to seeing you in Tokyo.

Best regards,
Hitomi Takeshita
Chair of the AOSDAC 2015


AOSDAC members

  • Advocate for the Consumer, Cosmetic, Hygiene,
    and Specialty Products Industry (ACCORD, Australasia)
  • China Cleaning Industry Association (CCIA)
  • Indian Home and Personal Care Industry Association (IHPCIA)
  • Indonesian Soap and Detergent Association (ISDA)
  • Malaysia Soap and Detergent Association (MSDA)
  • Philippine Soap and Detergent Association (PSDA)
  • Taiwan Soap and Detergent Association (TSDA)
  • Thai Soap and Detergents Manufacturers Association (TSDMA)
  • Japan Soap and Detergent Association (JSDA)

Invited organizations

  • The International Association for Soaps, Detergents
    and Maintenance Products (A.I.S.E.)
  • American Cleaning Institute (ACI)
  • Canadian Consumer Specialty Products Association (CCSPA)

Keynote Speech  

Michitaka Sawada
President of JSDA, Japan Soap and Detergent Association

Invited Speech  

Ernie Rosenberg
President and CEO of ACI, the American Cleaning Institute
“Subject: TBD”

Susanne Zänker
Director General of A.I.S.E., the International Association for Soaps, Detergents and Maintenance Products
“Subject: TBD”

Bronwyn Capanna
Executive Director of ACCORD Australasia
“APEC Chemical Dialogue – Opportunities for the soap and detergents industry”

Lei Zhang
China Cleaning Industry Association
“Status and trends of Chinese detergent supervision and regulation”


IINO Hall and Conference Center,
IINO hall on IINO building 4th Floor, 2-1-1
Uchisaiwai-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan 100-0011 
TEL +81-3-3506-3251

Access to 5 stations connecting to 12 rail lines

[Accessible Lines]

  • Kasumigaseki Station Exit C4 (direct access) Tokyo Metro: Hibiya, and Chiyoda Lines
  • Kasumigaseki Station Exit B2 (5-minute walk) Tokyo Metro: Marunouchi Lines
  • Toranomon Station Exit 9 (3-minute walk) Tokyo Metro: Ginza Line
  • Sakuradamon Station Exit 5 (10-minute walk)Tokyo Metro: Yurakucho Line
  • Shimbashi Station (10-minute walk) JR: Yamanote, Keihin-Tohoku, Tokaido,Yokosuka Lines; Toei Subway: Asakusa Line; Yurikamome
  • Uchisaiwaicho Station Exit A7 (3-minute walk) Toei Subway: Mita Line 
IINO Hall map

Time Schedule

At IINO Hall on 4th Floor

8:00 – 9:00


9:00 – 9:10


9:10 – 9:30

Congratulatory address
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

9:30 – 12:30

Industry overview 〈AOSDAC members〉
AOSDAC member will talk about industry
situations of each country.

12:30 – 14:00

Lunch Break

14:00 – 14:30

Keynote speech
Supporting Social InnovationMichitaka Sawada, President of JSDA, Japan Soap and Detergent Association〉

14:30 – 15:00

Invited speech
Global Chemical Management Developments Affecting Cleaning ProductsErnie Rosenberg , ACI〉

15:00 – 15:30

Invited speech
An overview of the current key activities of A.I.S.E. − Product Safety & Innovations; Sustainability & Consumer EngagementSusanne Zänker, A.I.S.E.〉

15:30 – 16:00


16:00 – 16:20

Invited speech
APEC Chemical Dialogue – Opportunities for the soap and detergents industryBronwyn Capanna, ACCORD〉

16:20 – 16:40

Invited speech
Status and trends of Chinese detergent supervision and regulationZhang Lei, CCIA〉

16:40 – 17:40

Key JSDA activities

18:00 – 20:00



Only Japanese <=> English simultaneous interpretation
will b e available. Please receive a equipment at the
reception desk.


Conference / Reception Fee


Conference only JPY 12,000
Incl. reception JPY 20,000


1) Download this application form
Application Form for Registration and Hotel Reservation [.doc]

2) After filling out the form, e-mail it to



Payment can be made at the reception desk on the day of the AOSDAC conference, October 16th, in Japanese yen or by bank transfer using the following details.


Bank account:
No.022-1918767, YAESUDORI BRANCH,
Reference: 10th AOSDAC + Your Complete Name


JSDA office 
3-13-11 Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Japan 103-0027
TEL +81 3 3271 4301  FAX +81 3 3281 1870
For latest information http://jsda.org/e/

Keynote Speech


Michitaka Sawada 

President of JSDA

Supporting Social Innovation 

Industrial associations have two important roles. One is to earn and strengthen the trust among the public as a reliable and fair mediator between governments and companies in the industry. Second is to accelerate Social Innovations. Social Innovation will become a key driver in realizing a society in which the people and the planet can live in harmony and sustainably. Through some examples experienced at JSDA, we will look at the increasing role in which AOSDAC has to play in accelerating Social Innovation.

 Michitaka Sawada was appointed as 28th President of JSDA in May 2015.
 He was appointed as President and Chief Executive Officer of Kao Corporation in June 2012.
 Sawada’s initial career at Kao Corporation includes more than thirty years in research and development, spanning both fundamental research and product development research. In 2006, Mr. Sawada became an Executive Officer of Kao Corporation and assumed broader responsibility across the entire R&D Division. He was the first to lead the Human Health Care R&D Center following its establishment in 2007 and quickly progressed to appointment to the Board of Directors in 2008.
 Sawada joined Kao Corporation in 1981 after earning a Master of Engineering specialized in applied chemistry from Osaka University.
 Sawada was born in1955 in Osaka Prefecture, Japan.

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Invited Speech


Ernie Rosenberg

President and CEO of ACI

Global Chemical Management Developments Affecting Cleaning Products 

Around the world, chemical management programs and policies are affecting cleaning product formulation and marketing. Although these developments provide opportunities for regulatory harmonization, some also have the potential to restrict formulation, inhibit innovation and increase time to market. The presentation will provide a brief overview of international, regional and national programs, policies and regulations affecting this industry. These include United Nations, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Chemicals Dialogue. The presentation will also address regulations in other countries that are affecting products beyond the borders of the areas to which they officially apply. Nongovernmental consumer and environmental groups and retailers continue to apply pressure for more restrictions. Cleaning product associations around the world, including JSDA and ACI, have joined in a network to address some of these developments.

  Ernie Rosenberg joined the American Cleaning Institute® *(then known as the Soap and Detergent Association) in November 1999 as its President and became its CEO in 2003. The American Cleaning Institute is the premier association representing the value chain of the U.S. cleaning products industry. ACI focuses its efforts on sustainability, outreach and chemicals management.

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Invited Speech


Susanne Zänker

Director General of A.I.S.E.

An overview of the current key activities of A.I.S.E. – Product Safety & Innovations; Sustainability & Consumer Engagement  

As the expert voice of the Cleaning and Maintenance Products Industry in Europe, A.I.S.E. is very active in many different fields, both through voluntary industry initiatives in the commitment to sustainability and the engagement in technical and regulatory developments.

In the area of sustainability, focus will be on the Charter for Sustainable Cleaning and the evolving political agenda in Europe.

In the area of product safety and innovation, a central theme for companies is the classification and labelling that entered into force on 1st June 2015. Through DetNet, developed by A.I.S.E., help is provided to companies in the classification of their substances.

 Susanne Zänker holds the position of Director General of A.I.S.E., the International Association for Soaps, Detergents and Maintenance Products since August 2005. The A.I.S.E. Secretariat, which she heads, is located in Brussels. 
 Zänker graduated as a Doctor in Veterinary Medicine at the University of Liège, Belgium in 1989. From 1989 to 1990 she worked on an European Commission project on rabies eradication.  
 In 1990 she joined Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica GmbH in Germany as Product Manager for vaccines. In April 1993, she worked for the European Federation for Animal Health FEDESA, (known now as IFAH-Europe), where she held the posts of Technical and International Affairs Director in 2000, and Managing Director in October 2004.

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Invited Speech


Bronwyn Capanna

Executive Director of ACCORD Australasia

APEC Chemical Dialogue -Opportunities for the soap and detergents industry  

The Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) is a significant regional economic forum whose 21 member economies together comprise 54 percent of global GDP.

ACCORD Australasia has been an active participant in the APEC Chemical Dialogue (APEC CD) since 2007, when Australia lasted hosted APEC, as an industry co-partner within the Australian official delegation. Since that time, the APEC CD has played key role in promoting trade liberalisation across the chemicals product industry within APEC’s member economies.

For the soap and detergents industry, whose voice needs to be heard as a significant segment of the global chemicals industry, the APEC CD is a useful forum for pursuing strategic goals for strengthening the industry. Recent APEC CD projects have included promotion and capacity building for Best Practices for Chemicals Regulation, promotion of the chemical industry’s innovative solutions status, and better product stewardship and sustainability. There is opportunity for further soap and detergent industry engagement in the APEC CD, which this presentation will focus on.

  Bronwyn Capanna has led ACCORD since 2000.
  She has many years’ experience in pharmacy practice and has held senior positions as a technical executive in the private sector, including Boehringer Ingleheim (UK and Australia) and the Australian Self Medication Industry (ASMI).
  Independent of her ACCORD role, Capanna was the only industry representative appointed by the Minister to the National Drugs & Poison Scheduling Committee (NDPSC) from 1994 until it was disbanded in July 2010. She was then appointed as the industry expert on its replacement, the Advisory Committee on Chemicals Scheduling (ACCS) until the end of 2014. Capanna is a member of the Agricultural Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA)’s Advisory Board. She was also the first regulatory affairs specialist appointed to the Australian Government’s Medicines Evaluation Committee (MEC).
  Capanna was also appointed a member of the Chemicals & Plastics Leadership Group (CPLG) by Minister Macfarlane in 2002 and chaired the CPLG’s Regulatory Reform Working Group. She continues to be highly engaged in the significant reform agenda of the industry at a national and international level, being represented on senior stakeholder and consultation bodies of regulatory agencies including the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and the National Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment Scheme (NICNAS), and through participation in fora such the APEC Chemical Dialogue and the UN Strategic Approach to International Chemical Management (SAICM).

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Invited Speech  


Lei Zhang


Status and trends of Chinese detergent supervision and regulation  

China is a very large market because of the large opportunities and growing economy. With the development of China detergent industry, the regulation and standardization of detergents are developing. This paper gives a critical review on detergent standards and regulations in China. Food safety is more and more emphasized by the government in recent years. The food related dishwashing detergent regulation is mainly discussed.

 Lei Zhang is working in Nice Group as deputy general manager of Nice Zhejiang Science & Technology Company, responsible for R&D. She is the vice chairman member of China National Standardization Committee of Surfactant and Detergent. She got Bachelor Degree of fine chemical in Wuxi Light Industry Institute in 1986 and got Master Degreeof fine chemical in East China University of Science and Technology in 1995. She was R&D director and deputy general manager of Hutchison Whitecat Company Limited and responsible for R&D for nearly 30 years.

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Key JSDA activities


Hirohiko Tadenuma


Japanese Home Laundry Habits and Practices 

JSDA has been conducting consumer survey on their laundry habits and practices every 5 years. This survey is useful to realize changes of laundry conditions and habits, such as the type of detergents, the capacity of washing machines, and rinse cycles. As JSDA just finished the 5th survey in this May, we will share its key findings.

 Hirohiko Tadenuma is the member of Laundry Science Sub-Committee of Japan Soap and Detergent Association. He is working in LION Corporation as an associate senior research manager in fabric-care research laboratories. He graduated as a Doctor in Tokyo Institute of Technology in 1993.

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Key JSDA activities


Yoshiharu Kumagai


JSDA Safe Use Icons  

JSDA started GHS labeling for dishwashing detergents, acid/alkaline cleaners and chlorine bleaches from January 2011. In April 2012, i.e. one year after the GHS labeling, JSDA conducted consumer survey on GHS labeling, and found that consumers would like to know more about usages, precautions and first aids rather than hazard information. Now JSDA is developing a set of safe use icons in order to provide clearer messages to consumers so that consumers use JSDA products more safety. In this presentation we will share key findings from the consumer survey, and JSDA safe use icons.

 Yoshiharu Kumagai is working in Proctor and Gamble Japan as a section head in Global Products Stewardship, R&D, and is responsible for product / environmental safety of cleaning products and their regulations.
At JSDA, he is a vice chair of Product Safety Labeling Task Force, and has worked for development of JSDA GHS implementation guidance.

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Key JSDA activities


Koichi Yanagita


Laundry Habits/Practices in Japan:  

JSDA has been investigating the amount of plastic usage for containers from 1995 and publishing the data. 

In 2006, as more aggressive measures, we released the primary voluntary action plan to cut 30% plastic consumption per product shipments by 2010.

Under the member companies’ efforts like refill technology development and the understanding of retailers and consumers, we were able to get the big result more than the goal in the final year.
Following this achievement, in 2011, we have made the secondary voluntary action plan to set 40% reduction by 2015, and have been reporting the progress to society every year.

I will introduce some technologies and promotion methods for this plastic reduction.

 Koichi Yanagita is working in Kao Corporation as the vice president of environment and safety. At JSDA, he is the chair of special committee established for package and container.

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