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Key Activities
Clean Campaign

Hand Washing Poster Contest


In order to preserve the health of children who bear the next generation, JSDA had been carrying a few programs to arouse public attention to cleanliness of the whole society, as one of social contribution activities. 

"Wash-Hands-For-Clean-Hands Poster Contest", began 2009 for children in the elementary school or under.

JSDA has received 9,682 applications in 2023. Following posters have been selected as a wining poster and put on the homepage. You can be used as a poster by downloading and printing at school or home. Please poster use only.

Personal Award

Best individual Award
Honoka Uragami, 5th grade elementary school student
2nd Award
Shiori Yano, 6th grade elementary school student
Yuika Minami, 1st grade elementary school student
Shuya Nagai, 5th grade elementary school student

Best individual award

Honoka Uragami

2nd award

Shiori Yano
Yuika Minami
Shuya Nagai

School Award

Best school award
Kagoshima city Ishiki Elementary School in Kagoshima