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Key Activities
Clean Campaign

School-based hand washing promotion

Hand washing class school visits

Association members visit elementary schools that participate in our poster contest to provide hand washing classes. The children learn that infection is caused through the hands, find out what they are doing wrong in their current handwashing, and master the correct way to wash their hands.

Hand washing educational programs

Development and promotion of the hand washing lesson program

We created a hand washing lesson program to help children in the upper grades of elementary school, who tend to be careless when washing their hands, to understand the importance of washing their hands and to establish correct hand-washing habits (in cooperation with the national school nurse liaison council and Chiba Prefecture school nurse association). We offer teaching materials such as instructional pamphlets, documents, video materials, and worksheets free of charge to those engaged in education (e.g., school nurses) with the hope that such materials will be widely used at schools across Japan.
One feature of this program is that it explains why it is necessary to wash one's hands properly using soap, using images and videos based on scientific data. Although it is intended for children in the upper grades of elementary school, it is also used in junior and senior high schools.
Aiming to have many teachers make use of this program, we provide seminars across Japan for school nurses and teachers that include professional information (e.g., the mechanism of infection and the effectiveness of prevention by hand washing) as well as hands-on experiences of the program.

Hand washing educational programs

Download the hand washing lesson program

Japan Soap and Detergent Association (JSDA) hand washing lesson program for the upper grades of elementary school

"Let's learn the proper way to wash our hands to prevent infection."

Hand washing educational programs

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