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December 2015

Wash-Hands-For-Clean-Hands Poster Contest

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Washing – hands Awareness Campaign
Wash-hands-for-clean-hands! Poster Contest

In order to preserve the health of children who bear the next generation, JSDA had been carrying a few programs to arouse public attention to cleanliness of the whole society, as one of social contribution activities.
"Wash-Hands-For-Clean-Hands Poster Contest", began 2009 for children in the elementary school or under.

JSDA has received 11,269 applications in 2015. Following posters have been selected as a wining poster and put on the homepage. You can be used as a poster by downloading and printing at school or home. Please poster use only.<2015-1st Award.pdf>

Personal Award:

Best individual award: Mizuki Yoshimura, 2nd grade
2nd Award:
Kisaki Morioka, 2nd grade elementary school student
Koudai Mtsuyama, 6th grade elementary school student
Ren Hisatomi, 1st grade elementary school student
Judge's Award:
Yurino Shiga, 6th grade elementary school student

School Award:

Best school award:
Amami city Tojo Elementary School in Kagoshima prefecture

2nd-1 2nd-2
2nd-3 jury's special


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